Solar Mole Repeller

A solar mole repeller is an environmentally and animal friendly way to prevent moles from living in your garden. To prevent those mole hills from ruining your lawn without the need to harm or kill the mole, buy a mole repeller and place it in the center of your garden. The repeller simply sticks into the ground like a tent peg, using the suns energy to charge its battery during the day which it using during the night when moles are most active to send out sound waves that moles find unbearable leaving them no choice but to vacate your garden.

Here is a picture of a standard solar mole repeller:

Some may come with an additional LED light to brighten up your garden during the night and there a few colors to choose from. While the repeller uses sound waves to drive away moles, they cannot be heard by humans so do not worry about the repeller driving you crazy. Most domestic pets should also not be effected as the repeller sends its vibrations through the soil in your garden. The range that the repeller is effective for varies depending on your spoil type but most repellers will guarantee a 20 meter radius in any soil type and up to 1200 meters in optimal soil.

High quality solar powered repellers will happily recharge even on cloudy winter days so do not think you need to live in a desert to get it to work properly. No batteries are needed so it’s a simple matter of plugging it into your lawn and forgetting about it.

The technology behind the repeller is quite simple yet very effective. The repeller will send vibrations using sound waves at a particular range of frequencies through the ground. The mole or rodent that you wish to get rid off will interpret this range of frequencies as an intruder into its home and will act on its natural instinct to run away. As long as the vibrations continue the animal will not return to its home again at a later date as it will believe that the intruder is still present. The mole will then move on to a new location to start dwelling a new home.

It is recommended to purchase two mole repellers if you have a front and back yard as the foundations of your house are likely to prevent the vibrations from travelling from the back garden to the front or vice versa. Owners of large gardens might want to buy additional mole repellers to make sure the mole will not relocate to a distant part of your garden instead of leaving altogether. The general rule of thumb is that one repeller will work over a 20 meter circular radius as a minimum so make sure you have enough to cover your entire garden.

Recommended Solar Mole Repellers

Here are the best solar mole repellers on the market for United States (US) residents (UK residents will find recomendations further down this page):

This high quality repeller works on moles, gophers, voles and most other rodents. Perfectly safe for pets and children and continues working running the day as well as the evening giving you the ultimate coverage. Works 100% off solar energy so you just poke it into the ground and forget about it. This is the best of the best of solar repellers.

We have been looking for cheaper alternatives to the Sunforce repeller above but none have even come close to the effectiveness of the Sunforce. For this reason we are not recommending any of the cheaper alternatives. It turns out that you get what you pay for with mole repellers.

Here are the best solar mole repellers on the market for residents of the United Kingdom (UK):

The cheapest of UK mole repellers you can find. Works very well with a minimum range of 20 meters in any garden even on a cloudy winters day. Will also repel rats and mice and comes with a full 12 month warranty.

Same advantages as the previous repeller but this one comes with a LED garden light making it perfect for lighting up garden patios and deckings or making your flowers visible during evenings.

For those of you that want the best of quality the above solar mole repeller is the king of quality. It will not affect humans, birds, fish, cats and dogs making it safe for all pets. It is also effective at removing shrews.